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Level 3 DC Fast Charging Development & Construction

Synergizing age-old management wisdom with the latest DCFC technology

Powering Mankind's Future

Pathfinder moved early and provided turnkey construction for Level 3 charging locations following the Volkswagen Clear Air Act Civil Settlement of 2016. The nascent EV charging market cooled, but demand for DC fast charging has recently surged. Pathfinder's team of craftsmen is deploying modern 350KW fast charger stations in markets with high EV adoption rates

With the implementation of federal funding via the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program, all major international automakers have committed to making electric vehicles fundamental to modern society

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High Tech Meets Old School Work Ethic

Development, Engineering,
& Financing

Pathfinder's team provides siting, engineering, design, economics, utility deployment, materials & equipment sourcing, financing, and federal grant writing

Utility Civil

In-house crews build the overhead and underground high voltage utility scope. Additional Pathfinder teams excavate, bore, and remove/restore concrete as needed. Finishing crews stripe, install signage, landscape, and install protective devices

Electrical Install &

Licensed electrician teams pull permits, install conduit & cable systems, charging dispensers, and switchgear. Commissioning specialists test, quality control, and otherwise ensure the station is ready to deliver reliably to consumers.

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  • Wow! I want one! Do I qualify?
    NEVI plans vary by state, but the round one goals are to 1.) Space stations every 50 miles apart 2.) Ensure 24/7 access, amenities are preferred 3.) Be within a mile of an “Alternative Fuel Corridor” (think highways / interstates)
  • Is there a sense of urgency?
    Funding allocations will be made in early 2023. Every year, NEVI allocations will continue to provide additional locations.
  • NEVI? What’s that?
    NEVI is the National Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure program. Overseen by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, individual states have submitted locally specific plans to utilize NEVI funds in their territory. As of year-end 2022, the state specific programs have been reviewed and approved by the USDOT and Federal Highway Administration NEVI was created in November 2021 by the federal government’s allocation of $5 billion to the states to construct a national network of EV charging infrastructure to fast track the adoption of electric vehicles. In year one, NEVI seeks to to construct Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations every 50 miles throughout the national highway system to give interstate drivers confidence to ditch internal combustion engines in favor of fully electric vehicles
  • So, what part does Pathfinder play?
    In many cases, we work for other companies whose teams set up the NEVI funding, contract with the site hosts, and otherwise oversee the construction. In that case, we provide the physical installation of the site with our team of craftsmen The majority of the time, Pathfinder: - Provides free initial consultation to determine qualification for NEVI funding and other incentives - Guides the grant application process - Plans, engineers, and permits the site - Deploys the site using our team of power linemen, boring and trenching crews, concrete finishers, and licensed electricians - Sets up the relationship with the operations system (collection of payments, etc.) - Provides maintenance and troubleshooting for the entire life cycle
  • Why would I want a Level 3 DC Fast Charger at my location?
    EV drivers are extremely picky when it comes to charging. Much of the existing charging infrastructure is slow and antiquated. EV drivers in 2023 won’t waste their time spending several hours trying to get a decent charge However, a Level 3 DC Fast Charger is a MAGNET for EV drivers EV drivers are a captive audience; depending on the situation, they have 15 – 30 minutes plugged in and receiving a charge While their EV is filling up with juice, EV drivers have been proven to spend time inside businesses making purchases Your location will show up on numerous apps with preferential icons due to the robustness of the charging capabilities.
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